Load Cell Calibration

handsome load cell calibration engineerWhether supplied by us, or by a third party, we will calibrate any load cell / force transducer / instrument combination to maintain validity of measurements and continuity of Quality Standards.
Our calibration reference equipment is meticulously maintained with traceability to UKAS.

We can arrange full UKAS calibrations if required and offer a pre-calibration service to assess the condition of the transducer before undertaking expensive calibrations at a UKAS accredited laboratory.

Recognising the inconvenience of losing vital measurement systems from your operation, load cell calibrations are normally completed within one week of receipt of equipment, depending on current factory loading. For time critical calibration requirements we recommend contacting us to arrange a specific date for the work to be carried out, prior to delivering your equipment.

load cell calibrations

A large range of fixtures and fittings are available for calibration of several load cells like; tension load cells, compression load cells or universal load cells. If we do not have the correct fixtures for your load cell, we can arrange fabrication of the required items.

Force Logic UK can calibrate load cells with capacities from as low as 5N up to 1MN in tension or compression.