Listed below is a selection of our standard load cell products including: tension load cells, compression load cells, weigh modules and load indicators. In addition to the standard product range, we design and manufacture custom load cells to suit individual customer requirements. Please enquire if the products listed are not suitable for your load measurement application.

Product Part No. Type Capacities Mode
LOAD-MASTER Lite LOAD-MASTER LITE Load Indicator / Load Link 1tonne to 4.75tonne TENSION
LOAD-MASTER Load Cell LOAD-MASTER LM-C Load Indicator / Load Link 2.5tonne to 300tonne TENSION
Load Link Wireless Load Cell LOAD-MASTER LM-W Wireless Load Indicator / Load Link 2.5tonne to 300tonne TENSION
SLP Load Shackle SLP Load Shackle 5tonne to 100tonne TENSION
Compression Load Cell CDC Compression Load Cell 500kg to 10tonne COMPRESSION
WMR Weigh Module WMR Weigh Module 500kg to 10tonne COMPRESSION
FTC compression load cell FTC Compression Load Cell 5tonne to 100tonne COMPRESSION
FSB S Beam Shear Beam FSB S-Beam Load Cell 0.25kN to 50kN
(25kg to 5tonne)
FSB S Beam Shear Beam FBB S-Beam Load Cell 25N to 100N
(2.5kg to 10kg)
CCL Universal Column Load Cell CCL Universal Column Load Cell 50kN to 500kN
(5tonne to 50tonne)
MCL Compression Load Cell MCL Compression Load Cell 50tonne to 1000tonne COMPRESSION
UDC Universal Inline Loadcell UDC Miniature Load Cell 100N to 2.5kN UNIVERSAL
SCL Compression Loadcell SCL Compression Load Cell 1tonne to 100tonne COMPRESSION
Mini-LP-Low-Profile-Loadcell LP-MINI Low Profile Load Cell 2.5kN to 25kN UNIVERSAL
LP-Low-Profile-Loadcell LP Low Profile Load Cell 10kN to 3000kN UNIVERSAL