May 2014


WMR Weigh Module

WMR Weigh Module suitable for weighing floor mounted containers such as tanks & hoppers.
For use with CDC Compression Load Cells, provides a low profile weighing system to minimise modification to the weighed vessel.
Stainless steel construction, includes self-aligning top plate, integral lift-off prevention and jacking nuts for installation & removal of load cell.
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December 2013

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE – CDC Compression Load Cell

View product detailsCDC Compression Load Cell

The CDC low profile compression load cell is ideal for industrial load measurement in applications where vertical space is limited. Available in capacities from 500kg to 10tonne, the convex load ‘button’ is also beneficial where the mating surface is not perfectly flat or level.
Suitable for vessel weighing, press force measurement, jacking load measurement, centre of gravity / load distribution calculation.

September 2013

FUSION Large Load Cell Indicator

FUSION high-visibility load cell indicatorThe FUSION high-visibility load cell indicator is now available in both cabled and wireless versions. Supplied calibrated with any of our cabled or wireless load cell, the FUSION has 100mm digits for long distance viewing. Suitable for load monitoring on cranes and other lifting machines, factory and warehouse weighing, machine overload monitoring.
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September 2013

Wireless options for LOAD-MASTER LM-W load cells

LOAD-MASTER optionsLOAD-MASTER LM-W load cells are available with a range of wireless options, including LD1 large display, HA multi-channel hand-held indicator, BSU PC measurement system.

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June 2013

June Special Offer 15% Off LOAD-MASTER

Load Cell Load Master Load LinkForce Logic UK are offering a 15% discount on LM-W wireless LOAD-MASTER load cells for all orders placed until the end of June. Available from stock in capacities 2.5tonne to 50tonne the LOAD-MASTER is now available with direct-to-PC option for datalogging or monitoring of multiple load cells. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a bargain, enquire now for prices.




May 2013

New Product Release – FTC Compression Load Cell

The new FTC Compression Load Cell is available in capacities from 5tonne to 100tonne. The compact design of the FTC, with low height and weight relative to load capacity, aids portability for mobile ‘test & move’ measurement systems such as jacking operations and simplifies integration into permanent installations. Typical applications include jacking force monitoring, load balancing, centre of gravity calculation, vessel weighing. View product details.

Recent Projects This month Force Logic UK supplied 300tonne universal low profile load cells, to measure the tensile and compressive forces of hydraulic actuators testing aerospace materials in a large automated test frame.

April 2013

Force Logic UK expand premises

We have managed to secure the lease on the adjacent industrial unit, effectively doubling the size of the factory. This enables us to develop our calibration facility and invest in new plant. The purchase of a heat treatment furnace and dry blasting unit allows us to bring both these processes in house for better quality control and reduced production times.

January 2013

Supply of 13,000kN Load Cell

This month we supplied a 13,000kN compression load cell to measure the axial load exerted by hydraulic bolt tensioning equipment. At over 600mm long and 300mm diameter, the giant load cell weighed in at nearly 300kg! Representing a number of engineering challenges, the project was delivered on time and with full conformance to the brief and agreed specifications.

May 2011

Strain Gauging Service – for instrumentation of load bearing components

Strain Gauge BondingDemand for our strain gauging capabilities continues to increase, with growing requirements for the monitoring and recording of load and force measurements in industrial processes. Bonding strain gauges directly onto machine parts, vehicle & nautical components, press tools and structural fixings, can provide a relatively cost-effective means of collecting force measurement data. When the application doesn’t demand the precision measurements that can be achieved with load cells and high resolution electronics, transducer-sation can provide integral instrumentation systems at lower cost for both the equipment and the installation, or perhaps where modifications to accept load cells can’t be made. Read more about our Strain Gauging Service

September 2010

A70 Miniature Strain Gauge Bridge Amplifier

A70 Loadcell Inline AmplifierDeveloped for automotive and on-board measurement systems, yet equally suited to single channel measurement systems in laboratory or industrial applications, particularly where space is limited.
High quality connectors are provided for load cell or strain gauge bridge connection, with a single integral robust cable for power and signal connections.

The A70 can be supplied calibrated with any of our load cells or strain gauged components.

Miniature Load Cell Amplifier