Load Cell Repair

Load-Cell-RepairForce Logic UK undertake repairs to any type of strain gauge load cell or force transducer system.

Where original equipment replacements are no longer available, repairing broken load cells can be cost effective by preventing modifications to accept different products.

Depending on the work required and availability of components, we are usually able to offer a quick turnaround to minimize system down-time.


Load-Cell-Fault-FindingWe offer a free of charge fault evaluation service. The only cost to the customer is that of delivering the load cell system to us for inspection. A full evaluation is carried out by an experienced technician to establish current condition and a report is provided, including cost to repair and delivery date.



Loadlink-RepairIn most cases the items can be repaired to original specification, subject to availability of components. Should they be deemed damaged beyond repair, a fit-for-fit replacement can be supplied.